Join the Party – Raising The Spirit

Get ready to elevate your carnival experience as Rumbaclaat announces its thrilling participation in the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival, bringing an electrifying fusion of Caribbean vibes and a brand-new rum drink to the heart of the festivities. With a commitment to spreading joy and celebration, Rumbaclaat has already embarked on a journey of carnival hopping across the UK this summer, and the Notting Hill Carnival promises to be the pinnacle of this summer's revelry.

The Ultimate Carnival Experience

Rumbaclaat, the trailblazing name in the beverage industry, is set to make a splash at the Notting Hill Carnival, adding a splash of excitement to the long-awaited bank holiday weekend. Attendees can expect an unrivalled blend of festivities and enjoyment, as Rumbaclaat's vibrant presence will infuse the carnival with an unmatched energy. The carnival-goers are invited to immerse themselves in a world of music, dance, and pure revelry, while sipping on Rumbaclaat's new and exquisite rum drink.

A Summer of Carnival Adventures

Rumbaclaat's commitment to sharing joy and creating memorable experiences has led them to grace several carnivals across the UK this summer. The company has been spreading its carnival spirit from coast to coast, offering a taste of what's to come at the grand celebration in Notting Hill. From the captivating parades to the contagious enthusiasm of carnival-goers, Rumbaclaat has been there, adding a touch of exhilaration to each event.

Join the Party – Raising The Spirit!

Carnival attendees are warmly invited to seek out Rumbaclaat's vibrant booth at the Notting Hill Carnival and join in on the festivities. With the unveiling of their new rum drink, Rumbaclaat promises to tantalize taste buds and deliver an unforgettable sipping experience. Whether you're a rum enthusiast or simply looking to revel in the carnival spirit, Rumbaclaat's booth is the place to be.

"We're thrilled to be a part of the Notting Hill Carnival, a legendary celebration of culture and joy. Our new rum drink embodies the essence of festivities, and we can't wait to share it with the carnival-goers. So, if you're at the carnival, make sure to drop by, have a drink, and let's toast to an incredible time!" said Karen, Marking Executive at Rumbaclaat.